One More Final Post for 2019

As a writer and an anxious person I spend a lot of time self-reflecting. So you would think I would love this time of year when everyone looks back on what they've done and what they will do. But no, not really. This concentrated week of self-reflection, "best of" lists, and resolutions always overwhelms me. … Continue reading One More Final Post for 2019

It’s One of My Therapies

I've been going to therapy for the past two months and taking it seriously for probably the first time in my life. It's difficult. But the more I learn about myself, the more gratitude I have for my writing practice. Officially I can say it's not my therapy, but it is a critical companion to actual … Continue reading It’s One of My Therapies

Friday Night

I always have this feeling like I'm hurtling through space and time whenever I spend a night in New York City. I am an asteroid, barreling towards Brooklyn, and as the night progresses, pieces of me burn up into the atmosphere. A ring I took off and forgot on the bathroom sink, or my inhibitions … Continue reading Friday Night