“Too Much” is an Unapologetic Anthem for the Extra

Carly Rae Jepson wrote a song about me called “Too Much,” and I’m not worthy of this gift but she gave it to me, at the start of the summer no less! It’s an anthem about excess, extraness, and giving your whole self over to a feeling. The chorus goes:

When I party, then I party too much
When I feel it, then I feel it too much
When I’m thinking, then I’m thinking too much
When I’m drinking, then I’m drinking too much

I’ll do anything to get to the rush
Now I’m dancing, and I’m dancing too much
So be careful if you’re wanting this touch
‘Cause if I love you, then I love you too much

Is this too, is this too much?

I’m listening to it as I write this. It’s approximately the 76th time I’ve listened to it since the album dropped two weeks ago. If anyone’s doing a close reading of this text (re: mom), don’t worry, I have my drinking and partying under control. But am I consistently thinking and feeling (and dancing) too much? Yes. Was I not just talking about being an all-in kind of person? Yes. Which is why this is the unapologetic and undeniable banger my intense-ass needs. In particular this song is for you if you:

1. Have ever created a sleeping bag chart for a sleepover

2. Have organized an office-wide, 80-person Secret Santa

3. Prefer to dissect the root of childhood trauma rather than talk about the weather at work

4. Wonder if that person remembers that thing you said in fourth grade music class (and get irrationally angry thinking about it now, again, because OF COURSE you do Taylor, damn you!)

5. Wonder if that music teacher remembers that thing you said in class and if they actually thought you were funny or were just doing what they could to support a child with low self-esteem (tell me the truth, Mrs. Haddad, was I funny or did you pity me? Don’t lie to me.)

6. Role play a minimum of four possible scenarios for every one decision you make – gotta run through the options in painstaking, debilitating detail!

7. Wrote a heartfelt letter to Nutter Butter letting them know the nutter to butter ratio was off in one single-serving bag

8. Own a gold jumpsuit and have worn it in public

9. Always want to know everyone’s “plan,” for lunch, the weekend, their career, their life

10. Have made a Tumblr dedicated to videos that make you openly weep

11. Have openly wept on a plane, train and/or automobile

12. Have ever declared a love Mary-Kate and Ashley and then loudly and passionately defended all their movies (even How the West Was Fun)

13. Can segue literally any conversation into talking about an elementary school health class video where the dad makes his daughter pancakes in the shape of her reproductive organs (I will never stop fighting for legitimacy over a video I can almost 100% prove is real)

14. Have ever been asked for a piece of paper at work and instead launched into an anecdote about your father who worked in a printing press and whose hands were always stained with ink when he came home from work at dusk, and in the distance cicadas buzzed and the streetlights came on. That was the summer everything changed… But yes, of course you can borrow a piece of paper, any time! Don’t hesitate to ask!

If any of these items resonate with you, you’ll feel a special connection to this song. And if they don’t, but you just like to groove, in your car or on your commute, or in your bedroom with the volume up, then give this song a listen. Is this too much?

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